Sitting Pretty Cookies

Sitting Pretty Cookies by Cassidy Budge Cake Design

Every Easter my family makes these cookies for our family BBQ at Grandma’s house.  Who am I kidding, we make them whenever we get a chance to.  They are sooooo good.  Technically this kind of cookie is called a thumbprint cookie.  But we call them Sitting Pretty Cookies at my house.  My mom got the recipe from a woman in our ward when we lived in San Diego.  The woman wouldn’t give her the recipe for the longest time.  My mom had to beg her one last time right before we moved to Utah and she finally gave it to her.  But only after she made my mom promise not to give it to anyone…they are that good.

Sitting Pretty Cookies by Cassidy Budge Cake Design

Photos by Cassidy Tuttle Photography

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  1. All that build up and NO recipe. You’re killing me Cassidy. Guess Sharon is just going to have to gift them to me. Great photography by the way, and cute blog design. Happy to see it and will be checking back for more of your talent!

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