Cozy Chicks Blog Shares 3 Great Methods For Mystery Authors

For many authors, a blog gives them the chance to interact with their readers directly. A good author blog must attract new visitors while maintaining a loyal readership, provide interesting content that “fills a gap” within the marketplace, and seamlessly transition into those who are buying your books. These are just some of the reasons authors can do well with a blog. The question is how can you improve your blog? In place of sharing your favorite diet tips, short stories and mysteries are among my top suggestions.

Mystery blogging started out as a short form of blogging. Blogs revolving around crimes and criminal activities were all the rage before the Internet made it easy to bring this form of blogging to millions of new authors. If you have a story to tell, there’s no better way than to tell it through writing. Mystery blogs provide authors with a quick way to share their stories with the world.

Another author blog idea is to create a static website. There are several reasons to choose a static website for your blog. One reason is that search engines are always crawling the Internet. When using a static website, your site will be indexed much faster. Another reason to create a static website is that many Internet users prefer websites that are not linked to from other sites. Another benefit of blogging is that it allows you to get short ideas down on paper and test ideas on your readership. You can talk about all aspects of life from exercise, to pets, to cooking and beyond.

One final reason to use a static website as an author blog is that it’s hard to update a blog using links. Blogging platforms such as WordPress allow updating of blogs without linking. Linking is the preferred method for authors because it improves the overall value of their books.

Another great blogging platform for mystery authors is to utilize guest blogging. Most blogging platforms such as WordPress allow authors to place a link to their website in each of their posts. This provides mystery readers with a quick way to find out about new books by having the author’s website link to their latest book marketing blog post. Guest blogging provides authors with another avenue to promote their books.

As authors continue to realize the importance of blogging and publishing books online, many more authors will take advantage of blogging opportunities. Mystery bloggers have discovered that they can market their books and their authorship by utilizing a variety of blogging platforms. Creating a book-marketing blog is simple and can lead to increased book sales.

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