Creative Ways To Go Electric

Choosing electric power over gas is the new cool. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also results in better product experiences in an awful lot of circumstances. Electric motors tend to be much quieter than gas engines. They also don’t smell when you use them, and your clothes don’t stink for the rest of the day when you’re done. And the best part? You don’t have to go get gas EVER. As long as you remember to charge it when you’re done, your electric powered equipment will always be ready to go.

Jump on the Tesla Bandwagon

It’s hard to talk about electric power without the brand Tesla getting thrown into the ring. They’ve certainly done their fair share of marketing, and they’ve become a household name. Much if it has to do with celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk taking the branding into his own hands. People love the story, and they love the cars too. What’s not to love when you take a deeper look at it? They’re pretty darn impressive actually. Maybe someday I’ll get to take a ride in one, especially now that they make the more affordable Model 3.

Try an Electric Snow Blower

OK, maybe this may be a bit of a weird one but the timing played out just right. My uncle just got a great deal on an electric snow blower and he’s all proud of it. It’s amazingly quiet while it runs, and more than anything it’s just kind of a cool looking machine. He’s never actually used one before, so it’ll be interesting to see how it handles the snow when next winter comes around. Hopefully he won’t have to buy something more powerful when the time comes.

Give Solar A Chance

If your yard gets blasted with sun every day, you’re missing out on the opportunity to convert those beaming rays into usable energy. If you own your own home you can probably find a deal where a company will even install solar panels completely free, probably due to government incentives or something similar. You probably won’t be able to power your home exclusively off the panels, you’d need a fancy battery system to do that. However, you could definitely supplement the electricity you draw from the town with the electricity you generate on your own.

Groom Your Yard in Style

I remember when my parents got their first electric lawn mower. The concept was cool and made the yard a great place to hang, but in reality the battery on the thing just didn’t last. After about a year of owning it I couldn’t even get through the whole lawn on a full charge. That’s something that has definitely changed over time though, the battery technology has really improved and now they charge faster, hold more power, and run longer than ever.

Spice Up Your Tea Time

Last one for today – have you considered upgrading to an electric tea kettle? The advantages here are huge. If you drink much tea, you probably know fairly well that every tea has its own ideal brew time and temperature. You can hit that just right with a stovetop kettle if you make constant measurements with a thermometer, but an electric tea kettle will take all of the hands-on work out of the equation. Just set the temperature you need the water to be, and it’ll let you know when it’s done.

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