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How To Deal With The Pain From Intense Exercise

Intense exercise can cause muscle soreness and pain. In reality, your muscles are not used to intense exercises. As a result, intense workout makes them sore. This soreness or muscle pain may start within 24 hours. But, you shouldn’t be worried. Because muscle soreness and pains are a natural process. During this time your body builds larger and stronger muscles.

Hence, the pain may not be seriously harmful.

Now, muscle pain may hinder your daily activities. You may experience pain that can make your body muscles heavy. In that case, you can follow some natural treatments. A list of natural treatments is given below.

1) Sleep and Rest

While resting, the muscles in your body recover faster. The fibers in your muscles are damaged. If you rest your body, then your body can repair those muscle fibers. Moreover, soreness or muscle pain will begin to reduce within 48 hours. Good sleep and rest can help your nerves and muscles to recover themselves naturally.

2) Light Exercises

Some people think that they should work out more to reduce muscle soreness. But, it’s a wrong idea. A person shouldn’t create pressure on the sore muscles. But, a person can do light exercises. Light exercises release amino acids in the muscles. Apart from that, if you stretch or go for walk with your dog for example, blood flow will increase. As a result, your muscles will recover faster.

3) Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is an essential food for your body. Water can help you in many ways. First of all, water can hydrate your cells. So, your cells remain healthy to support you. Secondly, water can clean the toxic chemicals in your body. The major part of a human body is made of water (70%). Hence, you shouldn’t ignore the value of water.

4) Use Heat and Cold Therapy

After an intense exercise session, you should apply ice to all your sore muscles. This may help to reduce pain. But, blood flow is also necessary to ease down the pain. Hence, you may apply some warmth to your muscles later.

For example – you can take a warm bath. This will increase the blood flow and your muscles may recover within a short time.

5) Eat The Right Food

All the muscles in the human body are made of protein (around 80%). So, you should eat a diet full of protein. Don’t intake a huge amount of protein. Just keep a proportionate amount of protein and carbohydrate in your diet. This may help your muscles to recover naturally.

6) Massage

Some sore muscles need a massage. An expert may know – which points should be massaged! As a result, a good massage can help your muscles to work naturally.

The soreness and pain after an intense exercise are called – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is a natural process. But, if your pain stays for more than a week, then you should consult a Doctor. Severe muscle injury may not die down easily. Hence, if you experience acute pain, then you should visit a Doctor.

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