Meet Cassy

Who is Cassidy Budge?

Well, it’s funny you ask that. Cassidy Bloomberg (known as Cassidy Budge on the internet, or simply Cassy) is a writer, a teacher, and a lover of life itself.

Cassidy graduated from Ithica College in 2015 and has since found herself bouncing around a little bit. She wanted to be a professional writer, but her degree nudged her more in the direction of teaching. Now she teaches English to high school students in Kentucky, but hopes to one day get back to her roots.

She started dabbling with freelance writing in late 2018, and she has found it absolutely fascinating. Knowing that it’s not particularly easy to find writing gigs that pay the bills, Cassidy took it upon herself to start a blog where she could write and publish her findings to showcase to potential employers. Low and behold, you have before your very eyes the interesting – nay, fascinating website

So whether you’re a potential employer or just someone looking for a good read, you’re welcomed to stick around and see what Cassidy Budge is all about. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two. Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to have the very best day you can.