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How To Deal With The Pain From Intense Exercise

Intense exercise can cause muscle soreness and pain. In reality, your muscles are not used to intense exercises. As a result, intense workout makes them sore. This soreness or muscle pain may start within 24 hours. But, you shouldn’t be worried. Because muscle soreness and pains are a natural process. During this time your body builds larger and stronger muscles. Hence, the pain may not be seriously harmful. Now, muscle pain may hinder your daily…

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Creative Ways To Let Your Dog Get More Exercise

After a recent treat to the vet with my beloved chihuahua Janice, I was faced with the simple truth: Janice is fat. Trust me, it’s hard for a loving parent to believe. How could there possibly be anything wrong with my beloved pet? Is it my fault? The vet said that I can certainly restrict her diet, but since I only feed Janice high quality kibble and no human food at all, there’s probably more…

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